Friday, July 8, 2016

Do All Lives Matter?


Of course All Lives Matter! What kind of idiot does not think that?

In our current political climate only white people seem to be saying it. And, why do they say it?

Because they are trying to prove that "Black Lives Matter" is racist?  They are afraid people of color are going to get special protections?  I don't know anymore.  White people are so frustrating.

Black lives matter is not racist.

It is becoming very apparent that our black citizens do not think their lives matter as much as the lives of someone who looks like me.  Which is why the expression Black Lives Matter exists.

Ask yourself;

Would you want to be Black or Hispanic in this country?  If so, tell me why.


  1. I think the problem is that white people see this as an aside to the bigger problems that the black community faces. Black on black crime is far more likely to end the lives of those in their communities. Where's the damn hashtag for that? Poverty ,thug culture , 70 some odd percent of fathers disappearing. But it's just not as sexy. Sure they have a point about the cops, I agree with that, but come on it's hardly the root of all problems. If the police all became saints overnight it wouldn't end the huge obstacle they face. I remember before Cosby was outed as a piece of fecal matter ,
    when the guy had a lot of credibility , he tried to say blacks needed to start thinking more about personal responsibility( yeah it's almost funny in hindsight ) he got jeered almost off the stage. I think it's sad Malcolm X didn't live longer. He sure would have been vocal about police violence (I wonder if he would have been cool with what happened in Dallas ) but he never seemed to let his own people off the hook when it came time to look in the mirror. Shit, maybe if he survived some stuff would be different.

    1. Thank you for responding

      Malcom X would not have been "Cool" with what happened in Dallas and even saying that show how little you understand Malcom X.

      And, you don't understand that Black Lives Matter is about the entire American Black experience not just their interaction with the police which is clear because you brought up Black on Black crime.

      White people love Bill Cosby and really loved when he lectured black people. I wonder why?

      The only red herring you have not expressed is why don't we protest when a black person kills a white person.

    2. By any means necessary Donald .What don't I get about X ? I know he wasn't saying to use violence at that time but he made damn sure you understood it was a very real possibility.I've read his speeches , he wasn't very hard to grasp, didn't require a degree to get what he was about on most topics.So no, I don't think wondering if he would have been cool with it is a stupid thing to spend a bit of time on.Not saying he would be BTW.I also don't think wondering if the black community had leaders like him at the focal point instead of the bullshit they have had these last three decades , that maybe stuff would be be different, I don't think that is an unworthy use of some time .

      As far as BLM , I was just trying to answer what seemed to be the nexus of your rant about most white people.It's what I think white people see.Maybe it's the medias fault ? BTW I don't think BLM is racist. I don't think it's the issue with it though . I think most white people see it, as red herring. What I stated in the last post, these are not just fucking distractions .The fact that no one likes to talk about them rings pretty loud to whites.

      It also doesn't help that the first two events that are linked to BLMs emanation are the Trayvon and Brown killings. It's was like Sharptons crap all over again .The movement has progressed since then though.

      Why did whites like Bill Cosby lecturing black people, if that be the case?

    3. Thanks for commenting

      Bill Cosby was every white persons favorite black guy he was smart, clean, well spoken, somewhat conservative. So when he lectured black people it allowed white people to say "See I told you" or think If Bill Cosby can say it than so can I.

      I have lived with that forever
      My partner of 32 years is black an educator, very well spoken and we are personally both very conservative in how we lead our public and private lives (our politics is left of center) He is often the only black person in the room in our social life Anyway - I have on occasion had people tell me that they don't see him as black. When I ask what do they mean they said things like "Well you know" Or "He's just not like....." When pressed they get flustered and angry with me because they think I am accusing them of being racist. To many being black is a thug, gangsta, not well spoken, on welfare etc. And, when they are in the company of a black man who is none of those things they don't know how to react. And, they think telling him some racist joke is ok because well you know he doesn't act black.

      I did not mean to offend about the X thing - but so many people think he was all about violence when in fact he was not and you get that - again I apologize for projecting on you

      The entire country is in need of a unifying leader I fear that it is not possible anymore

  2. I deleted that comment because it was crude, idiotic and unworthy of the genius that is this blog.

    And worse yet the poster though she was oh so clever but really she was just uninteresting