Monday, July 4, 2016

Sheriff Star My Ass

Only someone really stupid and or a Trump supporter would believe Donald Trump when he said the star on his Hillary tweet was a sheriff's badge.

Here are some other examples of people walking around with a sheriff's badge.

Image result for nazi use of star of david

Image result for nazi use of star of david

Image result for nazi use of star of david

I am not saying Trump is a Nazi I would never say that.  In fact I have been very critical of people who throw Nazi around too freely in American politics.

The fact that the Hillary picture was retweeted from a right wing, extremist, racist, anti-Semitic site does make one wonder.

Trump is either clueless, really stupid or a racist anti-Semite.

Please don't say he can't be anti-Semitic because his daughter is married to a Jew. 

"I have a lot of Jewish friends"  "Some of my best friends are black" "My cousin is gay"

Sound familiar? 


  1. Are you ready for big Papa Trump to teabag Hillary's gaping cackle box this Sunday Princess Flad?

    1. Princess Flad - ooh a fag joke - so brave
      You pathetic coward!

  2. Are you ready for Sheriff Trump to detain the cackling hyena this Sunday and take her in for an Abner Louima style interrogation?