Sunday, July 3, 2016

Endorsement Vs Integrity

Bernie Sanders has yet to endorse Hillary Clinton or drop out of the race but he has said he will vote for her. 

What is he waiting for? 

His integrity won't let him?  Not likely

If he had any integrity as an independent he would have run for President as an independent and not as a Democrat.

If he had any integrity as an independent he would not have accepted the $10,000 Hillary Clinton gave him during his Senate race.  He would have returned it to her people. But, he took it and he spent it.  If she is so bad and such a 'corporate whore' (as his supporters have called her) why would he have taken her contribution?

Why is he still running?  Could it be the contributions he is still racking in?  Could it be ego?  Could it be he is delusional? 

My bet is on the money.

There is a very good chance that the Democrats will take back control of the US Senate after this election and if that happens Bernie Sanders is in line to become a very important committee chairman.

But, that will not happen if he does not endorse and actively campaign for the Presidential nominee.

What do you think the Senator from Vermont will do?

1. Maintain his "integrity" and not support Hillary Clinton.
2. Endorse and campaign for/with Hillary Clinton and assure his senior ranking in the US Senate.

I know that you Sanders true believers will say # 1.  But, you have proven how naïve you are time and time again. And, many of you are the same people who turned on Barack Obama pretty quickly.  You don't live in the real world, are very fragile and easily fooled.

Having said all this I think his name should be placed in nomination because his 3 million less voters then Hillary Clinton deserve that honor and respect.

Politics is not pretty kids and it involves compromise and sacrifice if you can't handle get out and let the adults handle things


  1. Hillary is so old her pooter farts space dust, she needs to come clean about the emails and Bills bisexuality because everyone knows he was having Relations with Aaron Schock not long before the congressmans ousting.

    Bernie sanders destroyed her in the debates but Rachel Madcow and the other femmanazis decided otherwise now we are stuck with a putrid bag of bones in a dizzying array of pantsuits who couldn't beat trump in a game of Jax if he was tripping balls on GHB.

    1. You are so silly and really not worthy of a response from someone as smart as me.

  2. Not to mention you are coward

  3. I don't think anyone can talk about integrity anymore .I doesn't matter who wins, this thing isn't going to go away. The people who support either Trump or Bern, and the independents in the middle who would just like to see both parties burn .I'm trying to imagine four years on .I doesn't look pretty .