Friday, April 21, 2017

A few things this week

She is a racist, she is anti-Semitic, she is the islamophobias poster child and she is Donald Trump's candidate of choice for President of France.  Marine Le Pen

Will Trump allow the Treasury Secretary to continue to block Exxon from circumventing the U.S. sanctions?

In Putin's Russia this is happening and only Nikki Haley seems to care.  Imagine that? Doesn't Mr. Trump admire Putin? 

In happy news
Bette Midler is getting rave reviews for Hello Dolly



  1. La pen is Top quality milf and you are a flaming libtard, I'll pitch if you catch flad the impaler

  2. Fake Name
    She is not unattractive but in her case her ugliness comes from her brain.
    You think you can handle/top me? Doubtful you are man enough

  3. During a 5 year stay in Graterford prison I topped for each of my 6 different cellmates, all supplicated to me like baboons on the sahara.

    1. Fake Name
      Now a fake back story.
      Pretty sure there are no baboons on the Sahara.
      But, your silly little tale did make me chuckle