Saturday, April 15, 2017

I Let Them Win

This is a Kylie Minogue video from a few years ago. It is the gayest video I have ever watched and it is fabulous.

Why am I posting this?

Fuck You

I stopped blogging because the only comments I received were from Tea Baggers, Closet Cases and people who hate Bernie O'Hare Jr and all are cowards because not one ever used his/her real name - my favorite is "Earl Grey"  I mean really.  It's not even a good drag queen name.


I am back and just as effete, just as snobby, just as pretentious and just as sure that I am right about everything!

And, if this video link did not work - Blame Ivanka.  (The great enabler)



  1. That is a very gay video but none are gayer than this:

    This upcoming election for Norco Exec should be interesting it would be nice if you covered it, stay strong girlfriend!

    1. Not a girlfriend and certainly would never be a even a friend to a coward like you - be a man!

  2. Speaking of gayness, local blogs and Bernie O'Hare what do you make of the recent spat between BOH and comrade Mikhail Molovinski? Perhaps you can relate to this unfortunate turn of events having been publically blasted by the pope of local blogging more than once.

    1. I will comment on Bernie's blog on his blog. He has blasted at least he was big enough to do it under his own name and not be a coward that hides behind a fake name. I have a great deal of respect for Mr. O'Hare for that - you.... your opinion is meaningless because you are a coward