Thursday, April 27, 2017

Trump on North Korea

He wants a war - it will prove
  1. That his penis is not small
  2. He is a real man
  3. His hands are not small
What will happen when North Korea uses a nuclear bomb?
How will Trump respond?
How will Spicer mangle up the spinning of it?
Will Kellyanne ConArtist wear her inauguration Gucci uniform?

I am making fun but this is serious - Trump is gunning for a war.  Why? 



  1. A little history for you Fladimir, our nation was born and nurtured with the blood of soldiers on the battlefield. The spasms of violence that have occured since the revolution have helped grow our millitary industrial complex and bred such fine batches of Americans such as the greatest generation, and the Vietnam war era vets.

    Maybe your a Quaker, more likely just a Trump hater but the USA will be at war for most of the time and there's no better target than the Red Menace in N. Korea, dispatching them could serve as a springboard into a land war with the yellow hordes to the north something that would secure our place as the global superpower for centuries to come.

    This will probably fall on deaf ears since you were a total shill for Crooked Killary but dialogue is important and I value your blogging efforts even when they are libtarded.

    1. Hello Fake Name
      Not only are you a coward but you are clearly a racist.

      Trump is clearly unaware of the consequences of his actions and thinks a war with NK will be a walk in the park. It may be short war but at what cost to the people of South Korea, Japan and even China?

      Do you think you can just wash off the effects of a nuclear bomb and move on with your day?

      You are not clever and the libtard insult is so Rush Limbaugh and so old and tired. But, then with a stupid fake name like Earl Grey - I guess a genuine conversation with you is impossible you are just not smart enough

    2. "The Other" Donald, atomic warfare is inevitable that cat is out of the bag unfortunate as that is we cannot play ostrich with N. Korea as sanctions clearly have been ineffective.

      Now that the French speaking, bicycle riding milktoast John Kerry is out of the picture and we have a red blooded Texan as Secretary of State things will move in a more sensible direction.

      It's a shame that the MSM has divided us all but Trump will be a uniter unlike the divider in chief Barrack Hussein Obama.

      Dr. Strangelove was a great movie and art often predicts reality, if it were possible I'd love to ride a massive bomb down to Pyongyang ala Slim Pickens to kick things off.


  2. Fake name
    You really are tedious - Again another foolish response.

    What is your point and agenda?

  3. My agenda is the same as Trumps; make America great again. And the point is you don't negotiate with terrorists the only viable play is dropping a hammer on that cartoonish despot Kim Jong Un and freeing his poorly treated plebeian class.

    War what is it good for? Mercia'

    1. Cowardly Fake Name

      He has negotiated with terrorists!

      And, really you are never serious so I need to just ignore your cowardly, fake name ass.