Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Does the Right Wing Love America?

For more than a generation or at least since the late 1960's the right wing in this county has claimed to love this country more than the left. "America Love or Leave it", "God Bless the USA", "Morning in America" were some of the slogans the right has used to help them in their flag waving. They claimed to be more loyal to this country than the left. Remember all the grief the Dixie Chicks went through. Note all the talk radio drama when Michelle Obama inartfully described the pride she had last year. And, the Democrats were not allowed to be critical of the Bush foreign policy

The left allowed the right this claim because many of my brothers on the left are intellectual snobs. It was beneath them to wear a flag pin, they would not put their hands over their heart during the national anthem. These may seem like small things but image matters in politics. The left supported the right to burn the flag, favored ending school prayer and supported a more open, permissive and multicultural society. All things I agree with on constitutional and moral grounds but the left allowed the right to turn these things into anti-American activities. They of course are not. The left never really learned how to fight back. Maybe it is beneath us to get into the gutter with these people.

But, it turns out the Right wing only loves this country when the Republicans have power. We have a US Senator going to travel to Honduras to support an illegal goverment and give voice in oppostion to the policy of the US government. Some would call that treason and you know the GOP would be calling for criminal charges if the parties were reversed. It was fine with the right wing that a member of Congress shouted the President was a liar during a joint session address. Again, if the shoes were on the other party there would have been calls for criminal charges. The President of The United States travels to Copenhagen to support a great American city in it's bid for the Olympics. A project that would have generated tens of thousands of jobs, brought in millions of taxes and billion dollars of tourist money. The Republicans, their supporters and the addicts that are their chief spokes people on the radio and Fox news are happy, thrilled, overjoyed that America lost. Is this an example of "My Country Right or Wrong"?

I hope someone out there can explain to me how hoping Chicago lost it's bid and partying like it's 1956 when it did lose is pro American. To me it looks like these people really hate this country and if that's the case they should leave. I will be more than happy to be standing on the docks or tarmac and give them a big wave goodbye.

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