Saturday, October 3, 2009

A Review of Recent Events

  • The Pope has a spider crawl all over him and it makes the evening news.
  • Does anyone really think that if Obama did not go to Copenhagen the GOP would not have criticized him? Had Chicago lost and POTUS did not try they would have questioned his patriotism.
  • Can how John Boehner maintains his tan be healthy for him?
  • The democratically elected government of Honduras is overthrown and the US reacts in concert with the rest of the world and condemns this action. Sen. Jim DeMint R SC decides to go the Honduras and say the world is wrong. Democracy is not to be supported by the leaders of the Republican party. Where will that lead?
  • Speaking of the leaders of the Republican party - the two biggest leaders named Glenn and Rush were happy the US lost the bid for the Olympics. These two addicts are happy the US lost and yet their supporters call them patriots. Stop and think about that for a moment. They hate our President so much they are happy the US did not win.
  • A Democrat gets a little colorful on the house floor and the GOP calls for him to apologize. This is the party that gave us Birthers, Death Panelists, Matthew Shepard's death was a lie, the census is bad, school health programs are secret sex / abortion clinics, the First Lady is related to apes, the Democratic health care plan will kill the disabled and not cover members of the GOP and YOU LIE. And, they really expect the American people to support their outrage?
  • In Harrisburg leaders want to tax your tickets to the State Theatre but not cigars.
  • In Harrisburg our elected officials get paid yet do nothing for over three months.
  • In Northampton County most council members are too busy to do their jobs and yet they collect their paychecks.
  • The punditry tries to equate the Ensign scandal to the Letterman scandal. A US Senator cheats on his wife with a staffer's wife who is also on his staff, gives a job to one of their children, gets the male staffer a job as a lobbyist which is illegal for him to hold and has his parents write a really big check to the man, his wife and two of their three children and the other is a comedian who had affair(s) with adults on his staff. Are they really the same? Both are wrong but one is the same US Senator that moralized about everyone else caught up in a sex scandal and one made snarky jokes about them. Are they really on the same level?

It is a world gone mad I tells ya a world gone mad.

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  1. It rings true! Keep ranting my friend, and maybe more will read, listen and wake up. Guy