Sunday, October 18, 2009

What Are You Reading?

Instead of a re-cap of the news I thought I take a look at what America is reading according to the New York Times Book Review. Go on to see the complete lists. The only book on this list I have read is True Compass by Ted Kennedy. I cannot pass judgment on the quality of the books but I can comment on the fact that they are on the list and what it says about us as culture.

#16 The Case For God – by Karen Young – Ms. Young is a former nun and she is trying to rescue God from atheists and literal true believers. How do you rescue God from someone who does not even believe that God exists? If you are a true believer than what is there to rescue, you are already on Ms. Young’s side. In the old days I would have picked this book up and the chance is I would not have finished it.
#15 The National Parks – by Dayton Duncan & Ken Burns – A companion to the PBS Show. I have seen this book and it is a great coffee table book. Your friends will be impressed with your support of PBS. Keep in mind that you will have to dust it but it will make a great last minute gift to your secret Santa. Not that Ken Burns needs anymore money but someday I hope he will spend some of it on a big boy haircut, I mean really, one would think someone as old as Mr. Burns would stop having his mommy cutting around the salad bowl she puts on his head.
#14 Culture Of Corruption – Michelle Malkin – This little gem has been on the list for 10 weeks and is about how corrupt the Obama administration is. I read the dust cover of the opus and then took a shower. When this book came out the administrations was only a few weeks old and yet this genius is calling it the most corrupt presidential administration. To really appreciate this author please look up some of her visits to Fox News or her column in the NY Post. I know George Will, George Will is a friend of mine and Michelle you are no George Will. She is someone that only a birther could take seriously.
#13 Half The Sky – By Nicholas Kristof & Sheryl Wu-Dunn - Mr. Kristof is a must read for me and he should be for you too. His columns in the NT Times are compelling. For many years he has exposed the heinous sexual crimes and oppression against women throughout Asia and Africa. This book continues that campaign.
#12 End The Fed – By Ron Paul – The Texas Congressman explains why the Federal Reserve Bank needs to be abolished. The Tea baggers try to claim the honorable Mr. Paul as their own but he has not embraced them. He is a thoughtful and decent man who truly believes in a small government and libertarian principles. He is not a nut case and should be taken seriously.
#11 America On Purpose-By Craig Ferguson – The comic and talk show host writes about his life and journey to citizenship. I don’t care, I don’t want to be mean but really I do not care.
#10 Official Book Club Selection-By Kathy Griffin- the comedian writes her memoirs, again.
#9 Outliers-By Malcolm Gladwell – This cat is really interesting but I don’t think I’m smart enough to really get him. I tried Blink and I blinked all the while I was falling asleep.
#8 The Greatest Show On Earth-By Richard Dawkins-A defense of evolution and a counterattack on intelligent design. I am sure this is well done but do we need an entire book on it. All we have to do is slap these morons on the back of the head and quote Cher “Snap out of it”
#7 Where Men Win Glory-By Jon Krakauer- Mr. Krakauer is a brilliant writer and few people tell true stories with more clarity, you cannot put his books down. Because I am cheap I will wait for the paperback or take it out of the library. His other books were gripping. This one is about the Pat Tillman friendly fire death.
#6 High On Arrival-by Mackenzie Phillips-Yuck! We have all heard the details. I can’t even think of a clever comment on this train wreck of a life.
#5 The Murder Of King Tut-By James Patterson-I suspect that it is the author that is driving the sales on this book. How many people really care about the death of the Boy King of Egypt?
#4 The Time Of My Life-by Patrick Swayze & Lisa Niemi-A memoir. Again, not to be mean but I really just do not care. I am sure he was a very nice man and their relationship appears to be one for the ages but why would I want to read about it?
#3 True Compass-By Edward M. Kennedy- The memoirs of one of the pivotal figures of the last 40 years. A great read. I can hear his voice as he is telling me the story of his life.
#2 Arguing With Idiots-By Glenn Beck-It should be titled Arguments By An Idiot. I wonder if the people who buy books by Glenn Beck actually read them. I have never heard one person quote me one thing from any of this blowhard’s books. I hope what I just wrote makes this clown cry because the headache his rambling gives me brings tears to my eyes.
#1 Have A Little Faith-By Mitch Albom-I am sure this is a very nice and comforting book. I will not be reading it.

Well, there you have it my review of the bestselling books in the land. I have not read them and I will not be reading most of them but I will not let that little fact get in the way of my expressing my opinion on them. Wow! I feel just like all those people who were critical of the Presidents back to school speech before they even had a chance to read it. I like the bliss that ignorance brings.

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  1. LMFAO seriously. You have the chops for this kind of cynicism. Good job you. Guy