Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Worst / Best Obama Appointments

Worst Obama appointment

Rahm Emanuel - The former ballet dancer was a very effective head of the Democratic Campaign Committee when he was a Congressman, he is credited with finding the candidates to take back control of the House of Representatives. He is tough as nails and some would say ruthless in his desire to get what he wants. He was critical to the successes of the Clinton administration and by all accounts his dream job was to be the first Jewish Speaker of the House. He should have stayed in the House and pursued that dream.

He has the drive and discipline to be an effective Chief of Staff and by all accounts he runs a very tight ship. But, the modern White House Chief of Staff has to be much more than that In everything he does and with every move he makes he is the Presidents chief surrogate, when the COS speaks he speaks for the the President. Emanuel seems to be alienating people left and right and the White House appears to be unfocused and lurching from issue to issue. The White House does not seem to be in control of it's own agenda or message.

A President with such little Washington insider experience would have been better served with a schmoozer, ultimate insider as his Chief not a hammer. If Obama would have asked me I would have suggested Tom Daschle for the position - everybody on all sides in Washington likes the affable former Majority Leader. Three of the most effective White House Chief of Staffs were all Washington insiders, Ronald Reagan had James Baker for his very successful first term, Bill Clinton had Leon Panetta for his very successful middle years and George W. Bush had Andy Card for his successful first term.

Sorry Rahm, I like and admire you but for the good of this President it is time for you to bow out gracefully and turn over the reigns to someone else.

Best Appointment

Hillary Rodham Clinton - This was a bold, imaginative and creative choice. Why not bring your biggest rival into the fold. Why not bring in one of the most effective politicians in the country into your tent. Why not bring her much loved husband onto your side and have him work in tandem to your agenda.

The Secretary of State should be a super star. When she walks into the UN, Nato or any other organization people should instantly have respect for her. When the Secretary of State visits and ally they should not only jump but say how high in the process. When the Secretary of State visits and non-friendly nation it's leaders should tremble in her presence and desire to do everything they can to please her. In Hillary Rodham Clinton the President of the United States has this.

Thank you, Mr. President for making such a wise choice for your surrogate on the world stage.

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