Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Worst / Best Republicans

Year End Review: Worst / Best Republican - with so many to choose from let me give you the nominees.
  1. Charlie Dent - Our congressman voted to amend the constitution to limit the definition of marriage, he voted to allow the government to torture, he votes lock step with the leadership and opposes everything the President supports. He has gone from a likable and approachable State Senator to a boring, standoffish, better than us congressman. Maybe that's what happens to you when you go to Washington but he is not the same Charlie Dent who served in a very bipartisan way in Harrisburg.
  2. Joe Lieberman - Oh wait he's a Democrat err I mean Independent - more on this ponderous, sanctimonious phony later.
  3. John McCain - I expected him to be cranky after his loss and he has not disappointed. His remarks at Ted Kennedy's funeral reminded me of why I have always had a soft spot for John McCain but all that good will has been wiped away by his vote against Sotomayor and his endless blind rage at the President. He is back to the John McCain still hoping to be loved by his own party so he will say and do anything to appease the wacko right. Earth to Cindy's husband - they will always hate you so you might as well return to the McCain who attempted to move the country forward and leave this loser behavior behind.
  4. The Congressional leadership - They criticize the way the Democrats run things even though they ran things exactly the same way, the reason their poll numbers are not rising as the Democrats are dropping is because they offer nothing and people are smart enough to see through their hollow words.
  5. John Boehner - I think he has spent so much time in a tanning bed that it has affected his capacity to make sense when he speaks.
  6. Sarah Palin - Please just go away and take your foolish Facebook postings with you. She will never ever become President nor will she even become the nominee. Her new novel has been nominated for best fiction.
  7. All the Senate Republican who voted for Sotomayor when she was nominated by the first Bush, promoted by Clinton and then they voted against her for Supreme Court. You have no integrity are shameless and in fact you disgust me.

The Winner - DICK CHENEY

Do I really have to explain this? I am beginning to believe he is losing his mental faculties and his grasp on reality. Or did he ever really have a grasp on reality? Thanks Dick you are helping my President's reelection almost 3 years before it kicks off.

Best Republican


Did I agree with much of the Reagan agenda? No. Ronald Reagan was a decent man and man who really tried to do what he thought was best for the country he loved so much. Ronald Reagan was fair, Ronald Reagan always found something good in everyone, Ronald Reagan did what he said and meant what he said. He tried to find a common ground and he never resorted to the politics of personal destruction. Ronald Reagan was the last decent national Republican.

I miss Ronald Reagan and I wish his gracious widow best wishes as we enter another decade together. Thank you, Ronny and Nancy you served your time in Washington with grace, good humor and were class acts. Even though they may try none of the current crop of Republican leaders will ever be able to fill your noble shoes.

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