Thursday, December 31, 2009

Worst / Best Fiction

Best / Worst Fiction

I don't read a lot of fiction though I do have a small stack piling up in the office/backroom because I forget to return the various book club cards in time. Some look interesting so perchance I will get to them shortly. I do read the NY Times book reviews so I know what is going in the fiction world.

For our purposes here, I am considering the works of the following great thinkers to be some of the greatest fiction ever written.

Michelle Malkin, Glenn Beck & Ann Coulter are the leaders of the school of political philosophy I like to call Phony Conservative Enlightenment.

These three clowns claim to have all the answers to all the ills facing this nation, even if they have to make them up.

Ms. Malkin's latest opus is about how the Obama administration is the most corrupt to date. The book came out before the first 100 days of the administration had been completed. Clearly she put a lot of thought into the topic. Other highlights of her career were a defense of racial profiling and she thought the Japanese internment camps were a good idea. She is a bomb thrower when she appears on that bastion of deep thought and intellectual political discourse; The Fox News Network.

Ann Coulter says things just to say them. I really don't think she believes anything she either writes or says during interviews. She fag bashes and yet she adores her gay brother and gay best friend (Matt Drudge). Her writing is hysterical and not just because her logic is so laughable but because it is so falsely incendiary. Her career has been based on the headlines she has generated and now that the MSM is ignoring her we don't really hear much from her.

Then there is the clown prince - Glenn Beck. Mr. Beck has written so many books lately you have wonder when he has to the time do his comedy routine on Fox News five nights a week. His star will fade and I predict it will fade soon and his career will drop hard and it will drop fast. People are going to tire of him. I can't wait to see what he has to do to keep in the headlines. I predict will try to gin up some anger over Michelle Obama and it will fail to catch on. In a desperate act he will turn on his tear machine and announce a hunger strike and when that fails to attract the needed attention he will perform an act of self immolation live on TV clutching his Time Magazine cover.

While we are on the topic of fiction. Is Bill O'Reilly capable of writing about anything other than himself?

Books by these type of great thinkers sell by the millions but does anyone really read them? I have never heard anyone quote them or discuss them in the lunch room, around the water cooler or at the local tavern.

Since Sarah Palin's book was not really written by her I am not going to mention it again, I hope.

I have not read any real fiction this year so your suggestions will be most helpful.

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  1. Just picked up the book "Liberalism is a mental disorder" by Dr. Michael "Savage" Weiner and it's fantastic. In just two weeks of reading Dr. Savage fixed what 20 years of psychoanalysis couldn't!