Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Snark Alert!

The year end review begins tomorrow!

Who is the worst Republican?
Who is the best Republican?
Who is the best Democrat?
Who should be driven from the Democratic Party?
What is the #1 political story of the year?
What is the #1 news story of the year?
Best / worst TV show?
Best / worst movie?
Best / worst work of fiction?
Best / work work of non-fiction?
Best / worst celebrity?
Best / worst pundit TV/Radio?
Best /worst pundit print?
Best Obama appointment?
Worst Obama appointment?
Occasional surprise guest opinions!
Best / worst public appearance?
Best / worst musical act?
Twitter vs Face book?
Best / worst non-American leader?
Predictions for 2010?
Hopes and wishes for 2010?
What did I learn?
What will I miss about 2009 and the entire decade?
Thank god this year / Decade is over!

And many more thought provoking pearls of wisdom.

Your suggestions and advise will be very much appreciated.

In the mean time check out the link below for View From the Third Floor for the definitive list of our nations greatest and worst Presidents.

Doris Keans Goodwin has nothing on me.



  1. Donald - A viable candidate for worst Non American leader must be the UK's Gordon Brown - in the UK presently - he is about as popular and as welcome as a fart in a space suit would be.

    Aye Yours


  2. Prediction for 2010: China invades California.