Saturday, November 5, 2011

I Am Finally Done With Politics...I Think (Part 3)

Two weeks ago the Chairman of the Northampton County Democratic Party announced that one of the Republican candidates for Bethlehem City Council posted a picture of his penis on a gay sex/porn website.

This is disgraceful

This is disgusting

This is awful

This should force the Chairman of the Northampton County Party to resign.

If a horny young man wants to share his goods with other horny young men who am I to judge.

I do not care to whom a candidate or an office holder shows his dick. As long it is consenting.

How does this photo op in any way impact on the way police protect my street, how my leaves are picked up, and how many tourists come to town to support our small business people (Hell it may even help).

When I first read about this story my initial reaction was to resign from my position as a Democratic Committeeman immediately because I believe the purpose Walt Garvin’s announcement was to smear Tony Simao with “being gay” or worse yet “being gay and Republican.”

I don’t understand how someone can be gay & Republican but a lot of folks are.

I don’t know Mr. Simao views on gay rights issues but I believe he has the right to show his dick to whoever is willing look at it.

After two weeks of discussion with my guy and other trusted sounding boards I have decided that I do not want to be part of this Northampton County Democratic Party. Chairman Garvin will be receiving my resignation letter by the end of the week.

What Chairman Garvin did was homophobic.

This is another reason I am finally done with politics

End part 3


  1. I believe most voters are tired of the politics of personal attack. The same kind of thing you write about here is being done to Herman Caine currently. Republican or Democrat, no candidate deserves to have his character attacked by innuendo or mudslinging. And, I might add, if Cain was a Democrat, this alleged incident would be downplayed and ignored or even defended, rather than raised to the level of capital crime.

    Such tactics are the course followed by those who are unable to debate intelligently and must win elections by attacking their opponent rather than winning on the merits of their arguments and potential for leadership.

    How can anyone elect those who are supported by a political party that does such things? It is immoral, unethical and, frankly, ignorant.

    It is time for a change where we elect leaders on the basis of whether or not they can accomplish what needs to be accomplished. Electing the best mudslinger hasn't worked out very well in my opinion.

    This incident also instructs me that the candidate in question must be an excellent alternative to the incumbents since their party finds no alternative but to launch such vile attackes: so good in fact, that he has my vote.

  2. 10:05 - Thanks for reading and commenting

    I am becoming more and more post partisan but the current GOP leadership does make it difficult to even give their party a close look.

    I do not blame the entire party there are a lot of good people involved.

    This candidate has a lot of baggage and some pretty racist comments he has made have come to light, I am convinced he is not a good choice for city council but not because he shared his willy with the readers of that web site.

  3. Donald, i know of two other rresignations that will follow yours. And now, I will post about that situation as well.

  4. Bernie - Can't wait to find out who - I did receive and e-mail from someone about to resign as well