Monday, November 21, 2011


Donald C. Flad JR

20 November 2011

Dear Walt;

I am writing to inform you of my decision to resign as a member of the Northampton County Democratic Committee, effective immediately.

I support the party rule that committee members must support the party’s nominee. I cannot support every person nominated by the Democratic Party. I do not believe that just because a person calls himself or herself a Democrat means they are more fit for public office than someone who does not.

I have found committee meetings to be frustrating experiences because of the infighting over really ridiculous issues. For example; during the meeting to elect a new Vice Chair there was a shouting and venomous behavior because more than one person wanted to second the nominations of the candidates. People were waving copies of the by-laws and hurling insults at each other. That kind of behavior is juvenile, unproductive and does nothing to elect the party’s candidates.

The Democratic Party supported the Human Relations Commission creation in the city of Bethlehem. It was promoted as an affirmation of the city’s sexual minorities. During this past election you thought it was important to inform the voters of Bethlehem that a Republican candidate had posted a naked photo of himself on a gay website. This website was set up for gay men to meet each other for whatever reason they choose to meet. It is a consensual website and all participants are there for the same reason. You took it upon yourself to expose this to the voters of Bethlehem. You chose to smear a young man running for office for his personal life rather than explain how his views of how Bethlehem should be governed were the reasons not elect him. Democrats defended President Clinton’s right to private behavior and this year on behalf of the Democrats you decided that Tony Simao was not entitled to private behavior. If I wanted to be part of a political party that behaves this way I would be a Republican.

I am a Democrat and have been a Democrat since I was 9 years old but at age 52 I have decided that I no longer have the inclination to be a partisan.

I wish both you and the good people who make up this party well.


  1. who is Walt? Walt Disney?

  2. Walt is Walt Garvin. Somehow if you use the fake moniker of John Casino you already knew that. Didn't you? Why not come out and tell me who you really are? Are you hiding something?

  3. You are welcome Tony - to be honest I had no intention of voting for you and in fact did not vote for you but it was based on your political positions and affiliation with the Tea Party.

  4. I know; THAT is why I respect what you did.

    I decided to run because I didn't agree with the way the city has been managed. I knew that there was a very good possibility that my sexuallity would be brought up. There was never a "log cabin" agenda, I was just a guy that put myself out there to give the voters a choice.

    The voters made their choice, and I'm alright with that. In the end I still don't think it should be about Democrat or Republican, blue or red, Tea Party or OWS, it should always be about the average person who is doing everything they can to make ends meet. That segment is who usually gets forgotten in all of this.

    BTW, if you ever want to meet and discuss politics let me know.

  5. Tony - I do agree that the people are often left out the equation.
    I would love to meet and clarify your thinking err talk & discuss ways we can find common ground and save the world. We better be careful one of Bernie's readers may think we are going out on a date and neither one of us could survive that rumor.

  6. Did Walt Garvin or any other so called Northampton County D's reply?

  7. Greetings 8:16
    Mr. Garvin did reply to me personally via e-mail. As well as a young party activist from Easton

  8. Interesting episode of Glee...

  9. Glee Fanatic - Why would you spam this? There are other posts that I have written where it would be a better fit. I am going to leave your spam up because I think the Glee episode you are linking to is important (in a Glee kind of way) and the song clip is a rare moment of good television - Thanks for reading my blog!