Sunday, November 20, 2011

I Am Finally Done With Politics...I Think (The End)

So where does leave me? I am political to my core.

I think about politics constantly it is often all I talk about it is the thing that has consumed me since I was a small child. I remember using my matchbox cars in a re-creation of a political convention. I had a set of presidential figurines; the conversations Eisenhower had with Thomas Jefferson were epic. I have a sign that says “Office of the Mayor” over my desk. I have a collection of campaign buttons that goes back to William Jennings Bryant. I was moved to tears at the Hall of Presidents at Disney World. In college one of my professors caught me poring over the Village Voice political endorsement.

Two weeks ago on election night I hung out with my friends Jon Geeting (blogger and big thinker) and Hillary Kwiatek (former candidate, community activist and super mom) talking, gossiping, comparing notes and constantly checking on election results via our cell phones. As the evening wound down I realized that here I was sitting at the Brew Works obsessing over campaigns and politics when I just began a series of blog posts about how I was through with politics. Hillary shook her head and Jon said I will never really be able to walk away but perhaps I am better as a free agent and not a political partisan.

Jon is right. I can’t just walk away from my interest in politics but am not very good at the campaign and party stuff anymore. Will I continue to speak out on issues? Yes. Will I ask my friends to vote for candidates who I think are worthy of their votes? Yes.

If State Rep. Bob Freeman needs my help, I am there. If Hillary Kwiatek or some other close friend decides to enter the arena, chances are I will be there. But, other than that I can’t imagine a candidate capturing my imagination enough to inspire my involvement.

I will be resigning from the Democratic Committee for the reasons laid out here over the past two weeks.

For me for now; politics is a spectator sport.

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