Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Gay Jokes Are Funny!

*How can you tell you are in a gay bar?  The entire bar stools are upside down.
*What does a gay rooster say?  Any-cock-will-do
*What do you call a gay drive by?  A fruit roll up
*What does a homo say to another gay going on vacation?  Can I help you pack your shit?
*How do you fit 3 faggots onto one bar stool?  Flip it over
*What to gay boys get for Christmas?  Erection sets
* What do you call a gay dentist?  The tooth fairy
*What do rabbis do with the foreskin after the bris?   Give it to gays for chewing gum
*What do you call a gay boxer?  Fruit punch
*What do call a gay Eskimo? A snow blower
*What’s the first symptom of AIDS?  A pounding in the ass
*I bet the gay transformer transforms into a Prius
*How do you tell if your college roommate is gay? His dick tastes like shit
*Did you hear about the gay Canadian Mounted Police?  He was so excited on his first day he mounted his whistle and he blew his horse
*What do you call a gay couple? TOGAYTHER
*What do you call a gay bar with no bar stools?  A fruit stand
*While having sex with men is fun, I primarily became gay to break my mother’s heart.
*I love Justin Bieber / Mike eat a Snickers you get all gay when you’re hungry
*A straight guy walks into a bar and realizes it’s a gay bar.  He thinks what the heck I really need a drink

I have a million of them…Gay jokes are funny.

Aren’t they?

A new gay bar is opening in the area and a blogger asks for suggestion to find the perfect name for it.
Some suggestions:  Broke Back Manor, Uranus, Turd Reich, Twigs & Berries, Bats & Balls, Fist Pump Lounge, Bottoms Up, Enter in The Rear, Meat Gazers, The Back Door, Jack’s Meat House, Bone Brothers

Hysterical right?

“C’mon Don where is your sense of humor?” – I have a wicked sense of humor; in fact I can find humor in almost everything but are these jokes funny or are they mean spirited and bigoted?

“C’mon Don it’s OK to laugh at yourself!” – Anyone who knows me knows that much of my humor is self depreciating and many of my funniest stories are about me and my foibles.  I know how to laugh at myself.  The only problem here is that I am not the one telling the jokes.  They are being told at the expense of my feelings and my dignity.

“C’mon Don you know I’m not a homophobe, I don’t have a bigoted bone in my body.” -  Really… you are telling fag jokes and you are not a homophobe?  Do you use the word nigger (if you are not black) do you call Jews Kikes, do you call Italians WAPS, do you call women bitches on a regular basis.  I bet that you don’t but you think it’s OK to mock gays and lesbians.

Gay jokes lead to stereotyping.
Gay jokes make it seem the only thing gay men have on their minds is sex.  News alert – almost all men have sex on their minds all of the time.
Gay jokes make gay sex seem dirty.  Sex is affirming, it is uplifting, it is comforting and if done really well it can be a spiritual experience.
Gay jokes make it OK to bully.
Gay jokes make it OK to discriminate.
Gay jokes lead to fag bashing.
Gay jokes lead to the loss of dignity, the loss of hope and can, in the most extreme lead to a loss of life.

Here’s one more for the road;

*Two gay guys are going at it. After they finish, one turns to the other and says "Hey, I feel something in my ass ... see if you can feel anything." So his boyfriend puts his finger in his ass and feels around. "I don't feel anything”, the boyfriend says. So the first guy says, "No deeper...I'm sure I feel something".
So the boyfriend put his hand in the guy’s ass and feels around. "I'm telling you there is nothing there" says the boyfriend. "No really", the guys says, "I can feel it, look deeper." So the boyfriend puts his whole arm in the guy’s ass and is feeling around when he touches something.
"Hey, I found something, “says the boyfriend. "Well take it out," says the guy. The boyfriend pulls his hand out of the guy’s ass, looks at it and see's it is a Rolex. The guy starts singing, "Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to you......"
So funny!  Right? 


  1. I agree! I read that blog and comments yesterday Don and I was mortified... it's so sad that people really think that is OK....

    1. Thanks for reading and commenting Gina - it is really disappointing that for every step forward we take others try drag us back a step

  2. Fabulous blog Donnie

    1. Thank you sir! Or as Adele would say Fank you!

  3. From the blog in question:

    "I liked Mezza Luna, it had a lot of room and bars in separate rooms, which is always good if there is a huge game going on at the main bar and maybe some people want to chill at the back bar.

    In any event, it is ALWAYS a good thing when a bar that caters to the LGBT opens in a community.

    Why? Because it shows that the business owners are confident enough in the progressiveness of an area to put their money behind it. Especially in such a prominent location.

    So, that’s awesome. In the meantime, it doesn’t have an “official” name yet, even though they no doubt have one in the works.

    1. Thank you for responding - you highlighted the positive portion of the blog in question but you neglected to highlight the negative stereotype words the blog poster used as suggestions for the the Bar's Name in his attempt to be funny. It was those "names" that encouraged the vile responses from his readers. And that is where my issue lies.

      Again, Thank your for taking the time to not only read but to comment. I appreciate it.

  4. That's where you lie in the woods doing drugs and end up getting stung by a scorpion, right?

    I think I've done that. It was totally "gay
    when I did it, though

    1. Thanks for reading and commenting - I think I know what you mean and if it was totally gay then I'm sure it was the best experience of your life