Sunday, December 8, 2013


I was online looking up some dirt on someone else and of course I could not fight the urge to look my last name.
But, really what I think this means is that I am going to bite the bullet and research my past via Ancestry or Archive dot com.

This is some of what I found

I like these two listings 
  1. Urban Dictionary: flad
    Flad. This term relates to a person who is a fit lad. Wow, you are such a Flad 
  2. ... Flad. Acronym for Fucked, Lame And Disastrous. This day is simply FLAD.
  3. This was interesting 
  4. flad Web definitions
  1. Flads and gloe lakes are different stages in the process where a bay in the sea turns into a freshwater lake due to post-glacial rebound.

This makes sense 
has the following 4 definition(s) + add your definition
flat is used in Danish
Danish meaning
even is used in Danish
Danish meaning
level is used in Danish
Danish meaning
smooth is used in Danish
Danish meaning
The word flad is used in Danish meaning flat,even,level,smooth

I am a lousy baker but perhaps we were great bakers in the old country 

Last name origins & meanings:
  1. German: from Middle High German vlade ‘thin (sheet) cake’; probably a metonymic occupational name for a baker.
  2. German: in southern Germany, a topographic name from Flad(e) ‘reed’, ‘sedge’.
  3. German: variant of Flath 2.

This was really upsetting

Famous People named Flad

No has submitted any famous Flads yet. Click here to add your own.

.......Then how do I explain why I am such a snob?

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