Thursday, December 19, 2013

Senator Baucus Going To China

It appears the President will announce that longtime Montana Senator Max Baucus will be his choice to serve as Ambassador to China.  Mr. Baucus who has served in the senate for over 35 years will be resigning his Senate seat.

Senator Baucus is not beloved by the media nor is he beloved by the more liberal wing of the Democratic Party but he is respected, admired and generally liked by the Washington establishment. Which is important when assuming a position as important as Ambassador to a country like China.

Mr. Baucus was a crucial ally to the President and was very important in passing The Affordable Care Act. So, the message sent to the Chinese is that the President is sending someone he is very close to and has confidence in to be his representative.

The appointment of Senator Baucus also gets him out of the way and the country for the 2014 Senate race in Montana. Polling suggests that Mr. Baucus has out lasted his welcome and the voters are ready for a new face.  The Democratic Governor is likely to appoint his Lt. Governor to the position with the hope that it will give the Democrats an advantage in the 2014 election.


  1. I would attend a Baucus caucus

    1. Just in case you did not notice I ignored your comment

    2. Donnie I did recently attend a dark toga clad "Baucus Caucus" in Seacaucus that was rather raucous. My bum is still sore, but I think Max's is worse for wear he has been wheelchair bound for a week.

  2. Max Baucus is a god, I'd let him give me a hot Karl.