Sunday, December 1, 2013

GOP Tweet Fail on Racism

First the someone at the Republican National Committee Tweeted this

Today we remember Rosa Parks’ bold stand and her role in ending racism.

Then after a lot of comments on Twitter and else where that were either mocking or outraged someone at the Republican National Committee Tweeted this

Previous tweet should have read "Today we remember Rosa Parks' bold stand and her role in fighting to end racism."

And, now some 7 hours later it is still an issue on Twitter, Facebook and on blogs across the interwebs.

I don't know why people were mad that said racism was over. Things have been great for white people. Thats who I assume they meant.

It is true; once something is posted on the internet it never really disappears.

Was the original Tweet a mistake or are the Republican's still trying to convince the American people that because we have a black President this nations problems with race are over?

Are the Republican's trying to convince their base and others that their drive for voter suppression is not based on race?

Or was it a legitimate misstatement by someone either too stupid or with too much hubris to be bothered to check his or her work before hitting the publish button?

And lest we forget some other resent GOP comments on race there are these insightful and thoughtful comments from the party's leading light Sarah Palin - which Washington Post Writer Jonathan Capehart re-caps quite nicely.



  1. Racism is a two way street, look at the "knock out" game that is predominately "played" by black youths. The victims, they are mostly white. Racism will be around for eons, white people cannot do black face while hate mongers like the Wayans brothers go white face in everyone's favorite cinematic tour de force "White Chicks''.

    Remembering courageous people like Rosa Parks should not be a moment to bicker.


    1. Tony - Thanks for commenting but I had to think long and hard about this response because your comment makes me question how serious you are.
      1. The knock out game is an untrue "urban legend" After the story broke on Fox other real news organizations investigated and found not story there - no trend and it is not wide spread - just a bunch of of punks - so there is no racism by black people there. Making a false equivalency between some thugs and real and proven racism against non whites is laughable.

      2- White people can not do black face because white people doing black has a history of harming and causing violence against black people - What white people were harmed by black people doing white face -

      3-Calling the Wayans Brothers Hate Mongers" is more than a stretch it is nonsense and can't be proven. Using White Chicks as an example of black racism also shows a real lack of understanding of what that awful movie was about

      4 Yes - There are black folks who hate white people but were white people held as slaves because of that hatred? No. Were white people ever denied the right to vote because of it? No. Were white people denied homes, jobs and education because some black person hates them? No. How many white people were strung up to a tree and hung while being called honky? None.

      Hatred may be a two way street but your examples of "Black Racism" do not support your very weak argument. Stop pretending White people are victims of Black Racism. In fact stop pretending white people as a class are victims at all.