Friday, December 13, 2013



  1. I love Sarah's folksy style, something opera going snobs like you don't relate to. Good blogging when you stay away from the liberal hate hatchets that alienated the LGBT from our fine conservative platform.

    1. Calling me an opera loving snob is in what way an insult?
      Sarah Palin's folksy style is an act - she is a phony and it is all a fraud to get poor people to hand over their money to her. She is worse than Tammy Faye Baker ever was.
      If you like/read the blog then you surely have noticed that I am a liberal - and as far as the gay thing well the hate and discrimination promoted by the right has alienated a lot of people. - but Then this was probably not a serious comment on your part and I fell right into your silly game

  2. I love bears so much, can you do a blog review about his short documentary Donald? XXOXOXO