Friday, April 1, 2016

Please Don't Forget This About Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders is not now and has never been a Democrat.

And, yet he has chosen to run for the Presidency as one.  If he truly believed in his "independent message" he would have run as an independent.

But, he did not did he?

He chose the politically expedient way to run and in the process fooled his often naive and politically immature supporters that he is a Democrat.  He is not.

So many of Sanders' supporters seem to be the same wide eyed true believers who supported candidate Obama in 2008 and turned on him within months after taking office.  We 2008 Clinton supporters are far more supportive of President Obama than many of the original Obama supporters are.

Susan Sarandon says she will vote for Trump in the fall unless the Democrats do not nominate someone who is not a Democrat as our party's nominee.

Rosario Dawson claims the Obama administration is a failure and has been a disappointment since month two.

Hillary Clinton since the beginning of this campaign has also taken the time and effort to raise millions of dollars for the state and local Democratic parties through out the country.  If Sanders is the nominee he will expect all that money be used to support him.

How much has Bernie Sanders raised for the Democratic Party? Nothing, zero, zilch, not one penny.

And, why hasn't Bernie Sanders raised any money for the Democratic Party?

Bernie Sanders is not a Democrat

Bernie Sanders will not be our nominee but if he is I will vote for him because he is closer to my views than any of the GOP guys.

I challenge my Sanders supporting friends to vote of Hillary if she is the nominee.

Would you really rather be correct and perfect and thus allow Trump or Cruz become President?  Because those two guys would be so much better moving your issues forward than Hillary Clinton.

Think people think!

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