Saturday, April 23, 2016

Trump & Fox VS Harriet Tubman

I have always enjoyed reading everything John Meacham has written and think his insights on American History are brilliant and thus wasted on the Joe & Mika vanity fest on MSNBC.  I of course could not wait to read his biography of Andrew Jackson.

I could not finish the book.

Not because Mr. Meacham had lost his skill as a writer but because Andrew Jackson was/is so distasteful, so revolting and such an awful human being that I could not read any more.  He was embittered by the death of his wife, he was easily insulted, instead of rising above the petty gossip that ruled after hours Washington DC of his day he played it and took to level never seen before.

His "people's" inauguration trashed the White House. The great general was so afraid of his followers he hid during the celebrations. He was a brutal little man who authorized The Trail of Tears which lead to the further destruction of  the native communities in this nation. One could argue that he perfected the Indian Reservation system that we still see today.  He was racist and pro-slavery.

He was the first man to actually campaign for the Presidency and transformed the process of how Presidential nominees were chosen.  Perhaps this was not a great idea.  Maybe it is, but some elections I think we were better when the elites chose our candidates and not the masses.

Maybe, I am just a snob voter.

For decades local Democratic Parties around the country held Jefferson-Jackson day dinners to honor the "founders" of our party.  Recently there has been some push back because Jefferson was a slave holder and Jackson was such an awful person.  I know Jefferson's flaws and I do not forgive them but I think his role in the founding of this great republic is worth honoring.

 Jackson is almost impossible to defend.

So, I thought it was quite interesting that he was going to either be replaced or moved to the back of the $20 bill and I think he should be removed from our money.

But, a lot of folks disagree.

Some stupid people think the dead white people portrayed on our money have been there since the beginning of our country.  When they are told Andrew Jackson was not on the original money this country used because we did not have a $20 bill in 1789 and he was not President until 1829 - but that just confuses them - Facts are hard to understand for the stupid.

Why do the hosts on Fox News and  Donald Trump oppose Harriet Tubman being honored by being placed on our $20 bill?
A - They are racist
B - They think the underground railway was a socialist idea
C- Someone gay may have found freedom via the underground railway
D - Women do not deserve to be honored in such a way because they played no part in building this nation
E - All the above

They are all about the E

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