Tuesday, January 24, 2017

My President........

In 1980 there was no one who campaigned harder for the re-election of President Jimmy Carter.  I went to DC for the summer and then to the convention on my own dime to support him.  His re-election was the only thing that mattered to me and I thought if he was not re-elected the nation would fail.  President Carter was our President, the President and he was my President.

President Carter lost

I opposed everything President Ronald Reagan stood for and opposed every one of his proposals but he was elected President and therefore he was our President and I always referred to him as The President and always called him President Reagan.

I campaigned my ass off for Walter Mondale in 1984 - He lost - President Ronald Reagan remained our President and Nancy remained our First Lady.

1988 - I supported Dukakis and Poppy Bush won - During his presidency I referred to George Herbert Walker Bush as our President, the President and President Bush.

1992 - A candidate I voted for becomes President so of course I referred to William Jefferson Clinton as our President, the President, President Clinton and My President.

Eight years later a man wins the presidency but not the popular vote.   He won because he won the Electoral College

None the less I referred to George W. Bush as President Bush, our President and the President.

Our, My, The President Barack Obama was elected in 2008.

So, given this history it would seem to be logical that I will refer to Donald Trump as our President, the President and President Trump.

I can't

And, I am bothered by this

But, I just can't

It is not because he lost the popular vote by 3 million votes (GWB lost it by less then 300, 000)
It is not because he is shallow
It is not because he is thin skinned
It is not because he is petty
It is not because he has small hands
It is not because I am opposed to everything he stands for
It is not because he is vulgar
It is not because he is violating the Constitution by gaining wealth from foreign governments

It is because he mocked a man with a physical disability, his clear history of disrespect for women
and because he led the birther movement. 

The birther movement sought to discredit and nullify the first non-white President. A black man was elected President and Donald Trump spent eight (8) years leading a movement to call this man a foreigner and an illegal President.  It was the darkest and most vile movement in American politics since the Joe McCarthy era.

My not supporting Donald Trump does not mean I want this nation to fail and it does not mean I do not love this great republic. 

I have clearly been respectful of President I thought were wrong on every issues. But, they were not racists who attempted to deny a citizen his right to the Presidency

Trump is the legally elected President of the United States so he is this country's President

I will never refer to him as the President
I will never refer to him as President Trump
I will never refer to him as our President

And, he will never ever be my President.......... A vulgar racist will never be my President

++++ NOTE:
Barack Obama won with far more popular votes and electoral votes then Donald Trump and attendance at his inaugural was bigger - much much bigger as are his hands


  1. The Donald may have small hands but he has big balls and alledgedly still can pop a rock solid erection without the aid of pharmaceuticals. Maybe time will heal your gaping wound, Obama shook his hand and squashed the beef be a trooper and get on board.


    1. No reason to be a trooper - he is a loser who won because of our odd election system - his views received 3 million fewer votes - and his history disqualifies him from my respect

    2. All he does is win, and he's a loser? Maybe it's time to cut back on the appletinis and tapas try switching to a manly beer like Schlitz or Coors and grab a bucket of fried chicken.

    3. I don't drink appletinis- I drink gin - I love fried chicken and I am sure I am twice the man you are. Since I don't hide behind a fake name like a coward.

  2. Why not go all the way and legally change your first name from the person you despise to something more fitting; like Vlad-Putin Flad.
    Liberalism is a mental disease.

    1. Wow! that was really not very clever. Sad!

  3. Donald, how do you feel about Melania? She is very stylish and could make bold fashion choices plus decorate fabulously for state events thats a silver lining no?

    1. Making fun of my being gay with your cowardly fake name - pathetic - I feel nothing about Melania - she is not really acting like a First Lady is she - she has posed naked - accused of being an escort - but I tend to leave wives and children out of these types of conversations but I will treat this family as respectfully as the GOP and sad little cowards like you treated the Obama family

    2. Will you go after Barron's little bottom?