Thursday, May 4, 2017

"Trump Has A Dangerous Disability"

George Will's recent Washington Post had that as a headline.

I used to like him even though I disagreed with him I thought he had an honest view of conservatism and how he could serve this country.  He always seemed to be fair. 

And, the Obama was elected and something happened to George Will.  He became a little odd - almost unhinged.  He went to Fox News and then he became irrelevant.

And then Donald Trump happened and he became interesting again.

At least this column was interesting.


  1. Pencil necked RINO's like George have no place in the new and improved Republican party, he is the definition of a "cuck" and probably has a wider stance than Larry Craig.

    The article you link to is borderline treasonous and cucks like Will might soon find themselves in GITMO being worked over by horny Koran reading war criminals which actually might be what Georgey boy secretly longs for.

    If you head over to Drudge or Brietbart and spent the time to read and digest what is being written this blog might move more to the center, as it stands your left of Che.

    1. Can't you ever respond without making a stupid sexual or homophobic reference.

      Are you a sexually confused 14 year old boy?

      You're really quite a sad little thing.

      And, still clinging to this really childish and cowardly fake name.

    2. Sex and politics are a mix older than Romulus and Remus, the founders were straight shootin, beer drinkin, Alpha males the deterioration of the R's into Aaron Shock style nancy boys has been traumatic to those who grew up idolizing John Wayne and Dean Martin.

      Trump is about as Alpha as his idol "Old Hickory", doubt he cares much what a dweeb like George Will has to say.

      Earl Grey is my birth name and you seem to think that's not possible, come out to the Charles Chrin community center sometime and experience a hot cup of LVTP.

      Shalom, Earl.

    3. Sex and politics are a very old mix but your brand is juvenile and not at all funny or interesting so between that and your fake tea bagger name it is impossible to take you seriously