Saturday, March 16, 2013

Two Years? Really?

Conservative Republican US Senator Rob Portman has come out in favor of marriage equality.  The reason; his son is gay.

Very nice, he loves and accepts his son.

His son came out to him two years ago.

It has taken Sen. Portman two years to decide that his son, whom he claims he has never stopped loving, is entitled to the full rights and privileges of citizenship.

I am trying not to be too negative about this and I welcome Sen. Portman's support on this issue but really two years?

My coming out to my family was easy and that was 30 years ago so perhaps I am spoiled by never having experienced the trauma that clearly Sen. Portman went through.

A few years after I came out the son of one of my father's best friends since childhood came out and the man who I always have and still do refer to as Uncle really struggled with it.  When Uncle reached out to Dad Flad to discuss the issue my father had a simple response.

"Either you love your children or you don't"

So, I welcome Mr. Portman to side of justice and freedom but really it took two years of soul searching to decide whether he loved his child enough to change a political position.

Oy!  I am not here to judge but ya gotta wonder how or why these conservatives are so screwed up.

Note:  Please stop using the term "Gay Marriage" there is nothing especially "gay" about it.  It is just marriage nothing more nothing less.

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