Thursday, March 28, 2013

What Will The Mighty Bob Casey Do?

Some Democratic Senators have decided to walk in the true light of justice. Why?  Either they have truly looked into their hearts and have seen the way forward or they have seen polls that tell them it is better to be pro rather than con.

Either way I welcome this latest rush of announcements from Democratic, mostly moderate to conservative Senators in support of marriage equality.

But where is my Democratic Senator?

I certainly have no expectations that my Republican Senator (and former Allentown bar owner & high paid lobbyist) Pat Toomey would ever betray his rigid, extremist, right wing ideology and stand up for truth, justice and the American way.

My Democratic Senator Bob Casey has been a pretty descent "left of center" Senator.  He votes the right way on many of the issues that I care about both economic & cultural.  He has been OK on the "gay" stuff - closer to Chuck Schumer than to Orin Hatch.

Having watched Senator Casey and the entire Casey family for years I have found that they are not politically expedient people, they do not seem poll driven and I believe they always try to do what is right.  I may not always agree with the stands on issues like Women's choice or gun restrictions but I think his and for that matter his father's views come from a genuine place and their deeply held beliefs.

He is struggling with the marriage equality issue, he is in favor of Civil Unions, which I was too as long as they were recognized with the same rights and privileges as marriage both at the state and federal levels.

I think Sen. Casey wants to do the right thing but he is devoutly Catholic and opposing his church does not come easy to someone named Casey from Scranton, Pennsylvania.

So when The Mighty Casey comes to the plate on the issue Marriage Equality will he strike out or will he hit a home run for justice and equality?

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