Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Different Campaign Same Glenn Reibman

Those of you old enough to remember the last time Glenn Reibman was Northampton County Executive - you may remember his Svengali & brains.  (He went to jail)  He was pretty much disliked by Democrats and Republicans alike.

The new Glenn Reibman campaign has the same disgusting and distasteful feel of his previous campaigns and the way he ran county government.

Different campaign manager (though he does have a similar reputation) but clearly the same Glenn Reibman.

Democrats remember you threw this guy out of the office for which he is again running.  Remember why you were disgusted with him.  Remember why you said enough is enough.

Do you really want to return the same Glenn Reibman back into an office you once found him no longer fit to serve?

There is a better choice.

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