Saturday, April 6, 2013

What If Hillary Clinton......

Just putting this out here to stir things up.....

If Hillary Clinton does not run for President - What are ya'll going to do? 

So many have already started to move our current President out of the White House in breathless anticipation of moving Sec. Clinton back into the White House.

What if she says

"Ya know what kids...I kinda like giving speeches, writing books and being admired & respected and I am just not willing to lie down with dogs anymore - The fleas itch"  

"I'm gonna pass on this opportunity and instead use my status as an elder statesperson to influence the discussion in a more frank and honest way than I could if I spent 18 months getting attacked and vilified by many of the same people who say they love me now"  

"I have devoted my entire post college life to you ungrateful bastards and I'm tired"

"I served as First Lady of fucking Arkansas ferchristsake and you people vilified me"

"I served as First Lady of the nation and you people accused me of murdering our closest friend"

"I served as a United States Senator and it took getting drunk with that old creep McCain before I got any bloody respect"

"I strode the world stage like a rock star as your Secretary of State, world leaders trembled in my presence and you accused me of faking a serious motherfucking illness that almost killed me"

"I think I've done enough - You people don't appreciate shit"

"Thanks but no thanks"

She drops the microphone, flips us the bird and walks off stage like the diva superstar she is.

It could happen.


  1. Doubtful, but possible. That she's coming out w/ post-office policy statements is the mark of a candidate. It's not 100%, but the odds are overwhelming. If she doesn't, we still have to start moving on from the President soon. I'm totally cool with a Biden/Cuomo/O'Malley/etc. candidate too.

  2. Thanks for commenting
    I am already weary of this will she or won't she talk. You recall all the inevitable talk in 2007 too and look what happened. The Democrats are lucky that their 2nd string is so strong.