Saturday, April 6, 2013

I Am Still A Person Of Faith

On Twitter I send out a lot of news articles - just to pass on information that I think may interest people.

When I came across a headline that Pastor Rick Warren's son committed suicide it took me a really long  time to figure out how to share the news and not be mean or snarky or cruel.

For those of you who do not know Pastor Rick Warren he is a disgusting homophobe &  active participant on the Conservative war on women. But, he masks his gospel of hate in the new age, corporate, PC speak that sometimes confuses people.

As he talks about how much loves gay people.....but his organization does everything it can to make our lives miserable.  Rick Warren has figured out a way to preach hate but make it sound like Willie Wonka offering control of the factory to a Charlie.

But...his youngest child found life so difficult, so painful that he decided death was easier than life.

I tweeted that I will keep Pastor Warren and his family in my thoughts...and I will.  I do not wish this type of pain on anyone.  My United Church of Christ upbringing taught me better.

A friend responded that "he does not keep us in his heart he does not show love to us".  And, my friend is right Rick Warren has time and time again expressed his hatred for me and your brothers, sisters, cousins and co-workers.

But, I am a humanist with a Christian under pinning and the Jesus I learned about as a child at First UCC in Easton taught me to love and to forgive and to pray for those suffering.

So, I will keep Pastor Warren and his family close to my heart as they go through this awful time.  I will even pray that they find the peace that Jesus gives us.

I will live my faith and I will follow what Jesus preached.

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