Monday, April 1, 2013

Sen. Casey Steps Up To The Plate And Has A Big Hit

The Mighty Casey has stepped up to the plate and he has hit a home run.

U.S. Sen. Bob Casey, who has been under a lot of pressure as of late announced today that he favors the repeal of DOMA and favors marriage equality

My states Senior Senator is a thoughtful and cautious man and he took his time to come to this decision but in the end he did come to the right decision and now stands with a growing number of his fellow citizens for equality and a more perfect union.

Welcome to the bright sunshine of justice Sen. Casey.

Do you think you can help us drag your colleague Sen. Toomey out of the dark place in which he seems so comfortable?


  1. Good for Senator Casey in coming around on this issue. If only he would re-consider his staunch anti-choice views. Pennsylvania is in the same company as the Bible Belt and extreme right wing states when it comes to passing laws that limit women's access to abortion. Other states are now going through passage of waiting periods, data collection that stigmatizes women who choose abortion, and other forms of harassment that have were enacted by Senator Casey's father, under the very telling name of "The Abortion Control Act". While Gov. Casey was "very good" on labor and other Democratic Party foundational issues, his anti-choice mindset made it "ok" for Democrats to be for everything else that the Democratic Platform stood for, except reproductive rights. If Senator Casey and Rep. Matt Cartwright have come around on the fairness of marriage equality, isn't it time for them to acknowledge that the women of PA/indeed the USA, are also entitled to full constitutional rights as well.

    1. Thank you for your comment and I too wish that Senator Casey was more progressive on the issue of women's reproductive freedom but my blog posting was about the issue of marriage equality.
      I also think it is unfair to blame the Senator for the record of his father's time in office

  2. I thought this was an April Fool's joke at first...

    1. Thanks for commenting
      He had no choice - for both political and his personal reasons - The pressure from the liberals was overwhelming and he is a decent thoughtful guy who tries to do what is right and this time he came down on the side I agree with.