Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The VP In Town To Support John Callahan

I have been a big fan of Joe Biden for many years. He was the closest Pennsylvania had to a Democratic Senator. He was often called upon to lift our spirits, campaign for our candidates and raise money for our party both statewide & local. He had come to this area often to help us out and I will be always grateful for his support. You can take the man out of Pennsylvania but you can’t take the Pennsylvanian out of the Senator.

And, now this native son of Pennsylvania has again answered the call and has come to town not once but twice to support John Callahan for congress. The Vice President was one of the key players in advising Mayor Callahan to make this run and he promised Callahan that he would always be there for him and would support him throughout. I can’t think of a time when a sitting Vice President would campaign twice for a candidate in the same year. It takes a great deal of effort to get someone of this status to campaign for you once let alone twice. There are 435 Democrats running for house seats this year and Biden has campaigned for John Callahan twice. Clearly, Biden is a man of his word and clearly Biden and the national party thinks that John Callahan can still win this race.

Joe Biden is the last or at least one of the last of dying breed of politician. He is humble, he is not wealthy, he believes in something greater than himself, he can speak without a teleprompter, he is blunt and he is honest. If I were the leader of the Democratic Party or at least President of The United States, Joe Biden would never be home. He would be out on the road talking to people, because no one speaks American better than Joe Biden. There is not a politician out there who speaks to and for the American people with in more sincere and genuine manner than Joe Biden. He is a natural and he is genuine and the American people are responding to him and it may be because of Joe Biden the Democrats defy the experts and maintain majorities in both houses of congress.

His life story, the arc of his career and how he leads his life should be the acid test for what an elected representative should be. Office holders should aspire to lead the exemplary public life. He has not had a drink since college, he never became part of the Washington scene; he took the train home every night to be with his family and he has never profited from his years in congress and has consistently been reviewed as one of the poorest members of congress.

In his talk Monday night one of the most moving portion was when he said the “longest walk a person can take is that walk up the stairs to tell his/her child that daddy /mommy has lost their job and things are going to change”. He spoke about his father having to do that very thing. He spoke with great passion about taxes, budgets, economic policy, foreign policy, family, Wall Street, Main Street, small business, banking and the fact that we can’t return power back to the party that drove this nation into a ditch.

I have heard from folks who attended both this event and the Clinton event a few weeks ago and they have told me that Joe Biden made a better case for electing John Callahan.

The Vice President’s words have inspired me to redouble my efforts to elect John Callahan to congress and his words have given me hope.

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