Saturday, October 23, 2010

Bob Freeman Or Else

We were both true believers and we were convinced that against all odds our candidate for President would win, the future of the republic depended on it. I think we were right, if our candidate had won I truly believe the world would be a better place.

The year was 1972 and of course our candidate was George McGovern, my campaign buddy was Bob Freeman, he was 15 and I was 13. We knocked on doors, we licked stamps and placed them on envelopes, we sharpened pencils and we ran out and got coffee for the grownups (or at least I did). At 15 Bob was recognized as one of the rising stars of the Easton Democratic Party.

I have supported Bob in every campaign he has run except for one. He challenged sitting Democratic State Rep. James Prendergast in 1978 and I thought a good Democrat should not face a challenge in the primary. Bob forgave me and I have been an unflinching supporter of Bob Freeman ever since. It was Bob’s loss in 1994 that caused my self-imposed exile from active campaigning and party politics. It was a call from Bob that got me to work voting precincts in 2004 and 2006 but I would only hand out his flyers to the voters.

Bob supported me in my exile and we were not in as frequent contact as we were when I was more involved. During this time Bob met and married the amazing Terri and he honored me by asking me to escort his mother down the aisle.

Bob is the first person I came out to and way back then his unflinching support helped me as I evolved along the coming out process.

Bob Freeman is honest, dedicated, competent and effective and I challenge anyone to find someone who has spent as much time in public life as honorable and trustworthy as my old friend.

Our small cities/boroughs and neighborhoods are better served by the state government because of Bob Freeman and our green spaces are better protected because of Bob Freeman.

Agree or disagree with Bob’s view of the world there is no one (OK there are a few nut jobs) who will challenge his commitment to doing what is right and to doing the right thing for the people he represents. Bob does not care about your party or even if you voted for him, if you have a problem and if he can find a way to help you, he will.

This community, this state and this nation needs more people like Bob Freeman in office. We should consider ourselves lucky that we have the original.

If you think I am in the tank for John Callahan I will challenge you to duel to defend Bob Freeman.

If you live in the 136th District and you do not vote for Bob Freeman you are not only a fool but I firmly believe you hate your country.

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