Monday, October 4, 2010

Yes, I Am Voting For John Callahan Because It Is About Me

In his comments to my last post Bernie O’Hare warned me against basing my decision to vote for John Callahan based solely on one issue. I have never been a single issue voter but the issues I addressed in my last post are about to become make or break issues for me.

Throughout my long political involvement I always allowed LBGT issues to get pushed aside, I was always willing to compromise and then support candidates who support for my civil rights and my right to be a full citizen in this country is at best tepid.

I supported the greater good for the rest of society while I accepted my rights to considered an afterthought or something that would be gotten around too when the timing is right. I have concluded that the timing will never be right.

I want the leaders that I vote for, the men and women I give my money, my time and my efforts to lead on my behalf.

I support a woman’s right to choose, I support strong public schools, I support the right of unions to organize. I support affirmative action; I believe the government needs to do more for the poor, the young and the elderly. I believe in climate change and support candidates who want to do something about it. I support investing in our cities and preserving our farmlands and green spaces. I believe in comprehensive immigration reform.

I support your right to burn the flag and I support your right to own and use a gun. I support your right to hate me because of who I love. I support your right to worship who, what, where and when you want. I support human rights, I support the peace movement and I support our troops. I give to the boy scouts; I give to food banks and animal shelters. I have tried to imagine what it like to have walked in the shoes of everyone out there, to understand where you are coming from so I can support your right to exist and your right to your opinion.

And yet, every election I am asked to support people who are not truly willing to support me. I want to get married; I want to not have to read about 13 year old boys killing themselves because some asshole called them gay. I want the word gay to no longer be a bad word, I want gay to no longer be a joke or punch line anymore.

I am tired of coming out of the closet over and over it again. You straight folks have no idea how demeaning it is to have to explain and or justify yourself to people who are not really worthy of it. How do you think I feel every time someone asks me about my wife because I wear a band on my ring finger? Really people; a tall, thin, well spoken, well read, well dressed 51 year old man is not married for a reason.

So, my friend Bernie when I find a candidate who has embraced me and this issue the way John Callahan has I am going to support him. Yes, Bernie for the first time in my very long involvement in politics this election is going to be about me and I am voting for John Callahan.

Do you really think by carrying the water for John Boehner, Charlie Dent really has your interest at heart?

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  1. It's great that there is more movement recognizing rights for the LGBT movement. More and more candidates are getting on board.

  2. Thanks for the comment - I know that change comes slowly but I am getting tired of waiting