Friday, October 1, 2010

Take A Moment

Take a moment to think about Tyler Clementi.
He was the young man who jumped off the George Washington Bridge the other day.

Tyler jumped off the bridge because his college roommate decided to live web stream him having sex with another guy.

Take a moment to think about what Tyler’s life was like those last few days before he decided that it just was not worth living.

Tyler was 18 and in his first year in college. He was living his life and he was living his sexuality. His disgusting roommate and a sick friend decided it would be a hoot to show the world Tyler’s sexual activity.

By many news accounts Tyler was brilliant young man and an accomplished musician.
When Tyler found out what these two foul pigs had done to him, he decided his only coping option was not too cope at all. He decided that his life was not worth living if he had to endure this kind of humiliation.

I came out to my family in 1982 – I was 23 (I knew about 15 years earlier) and it all went very well but for many of my peers it was no walk in the park. A lot has changed over the last 30 years and we have been led to believe that this younger generation does not have the hang ups that my friends and their families had. The MSM has led us to believe that being gay is no big deal to the younger generation. Tyler’s foul roommate and his pig friend clearly did not get the message of hope and change.

Take a moment to think about what would have caused these two bottom dwellers to do this.
But, don’t think about them for too long; don’t waste your Karma on such disgusting life forms. Instead think about Tyler’s family. Think about the other young men on these webcasts. Think about how painful those last few hours of Tyler’s life were like.

I will think about Tyler Clementi a lot for the rest of my life.

It is up to G-D to forgive Dharun Ravi and Molly Wei. I will never be a good enough person to forgive them. I hope every day they live will be as painful for them as the last few days Tyler’s were for him.

Take a moment to think about Tyler.

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