Thursday, October 11, 2012

Reasons Why I Am Voting To Re-Elect The President - Part 4

I am a man of great faith and strong beliefs.  I am someone who tries to live his convictions daily. But, I am not so steadfast in my ways to not accept compromise when it comes to political decisions.

I never voted for former Governor Bob Casey, I never voted Bob Casey Jr until he ran against Little Ricky Santorum. But, I had to compromise my values in order to drive a man as detestable as Rich Santorum out of office.

"I can't wait to see how crushed these Obama true believers react when he is forced to compromise once he is elected." "Will they stick with him or with the slump off in disappointment?"  I said this 4 years ago (much to the horror of my guy) to someone who I came to find out was an Obama True Believer.

Odd, how I (Barack Obama was my 5th choice during the 2008 primary) have become a more steadfast supporter of this President than many of those who came to me with quivering voices and tears in their eyes asking me to support him during the 2008 primaries.  Many of these folks were incredulous that I was supporting Hillary because my guy is black they just assumed that I (we) would just naturally just support the black guy running for President.  We didn't in the spring but we certainly did come the fall.

It has been painful for me to watch many of these True Believers sit on their hands during the last 3 years as this President fought against an economic tsunami, racist foes and the Republican's willingness to let this country fail rather than allow any Obama initiative that would move this country forward pass. I hear many of the True Believer's say "Well, he just didn't do what he said" or "Well, he promised hope and change and he just didn't deliver." 

Perhaps I have been in and around politics for so long that I have become cynical and jaded and perhaps my expectations of what any President can really accomplish is so low, that I have not been all that disappointed in Barack Obama.

This President in the face of birthers, tea baggers, subtle and not so subtle racism and Republican unity in wanting him to fail at any cost; saved wall street, saved the American auto industry, ended the Iraq war, is drawing down the Afghanistan war, reversed the economic downward spiral, gave us meaningful health care reform, facilitated the end of the Gaddafi reign of terrorism, encouraged the Arab Spring and authorized the killing of Osama Bin Laden and many of his top aides around the world.

Was I always happy with the way Barack Obama has managed his Presidency?  No, read back to some of last summer posts.  But, I am a realist and being one I realize that he is the best President we can expect for these times and given what he has been up against he has done a pretty damn good job.

Barack Obama has earned a second term and to the folks who were with him 4 years ago and are wavering now I say BUCK UP, PUT ON YOUR BIG GIRL/BOY PANTS and ask yourself; do you really want Mitt Romney to be President and the Republican's to control both houses of Congress ?

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