Friday, October 12, 2012

Who Knew Gay GOP Was So Desperate


This is an ad placed by the Broward Log Cabin Republicans.  The gay ones.
There is so much wrong with this piece of crap I'm not sure I can capture my outrage in print.  When you see my guy ask him.

  • They show a picture of the corpse of the recently killed Ambassador - Disgusting on so many levels
  • They have outed the Ambassador Stevens - Something they oppose
  • They accused the President of deliberately allowing the Ambassador to be killed - Really?
  • They accuse the President of not protecting the United States from Shariah Law - This nation is under threat from Shariah law?  Really?  No Really?
  •  They are "unified in their support of Equality of Rights in the State of Israel" - What does that have to do with any of the above? I guess they think they are appealing to the Jewish retirees from NY.  I don't get the last line at all.
This is one of the lowest most disgusting ads I have seen in a very long time and it is done in support of a guy who hates the sponsors of the ad.  I don't get it. They are willing to stoop to this disgusting level to support someone who wants to reimpose DADT and opposes equality for them.  

Who knew people were so desperate to remain second class citizens.

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