Friday, October 5, 2012

The First Debate - Keep Calm and Carry On

Keep Calm and Carry On

In 1939 the British Government plastered this slogan on posters all over London to help keep the spirits of the British people high during some of the darkest days of WWII.

Attention liberals and other supporters of our President; to you I say "Keep Calm and Carry On"  "Stay Fired Up!"

There is no question that our President was clearly not the winner of the first debate and I suspect some money poured into the Romney campaign as a result and the Democrats are going to have focus a little harder on some of the swing states.  But, one debate is not a game changer especially since there was no smack down by Romney.  

The former Governor was simply more on his game than was the President.

Romney may have won the night but Barack Obama won the day after.
  • The fact checkers were out in full force yesterday and to a person they debunked much of what Romney said
  • Even conservatives noted that Romney positions Wednesday differed greatly from his positions he has taken over the last 18 months
  • Romney was called rude, a bully and overbearing by many in the chattering class
  • There was almost as much post debate discussion about the moderator as there was the debate itself 
  • Romney was roundly mocked for wanting to fire Big Bird as an example of how he will solve our nation's massive debt problems.  For the record PBS receives no direct funding from the federal government.  The money goes directly to the local stations and the amount of the budget that will be saved by cutting this subsidy is 0.012%.  Not much of an impact is it?  Of all the things Romney could think of to cut spending the best he could do was PBS?
  • The President was greeted by 30,000 people at his rally in Madison yesterday
  • There are two more debates to come and this President is famous for his 4th quarter come back skills
If the President stood there Wednesday and just responded to Romney misstatements and lies would he have looked defensive?   Would he have looked angry?  Barack Obama has spent his entire political career trying not to be "the angry black man" because he knows that "the angry black man" will never be elected President  in this country.  So, his handlers chose to coach him to look calm, reserved and Presidential but, they over coached him and he looked bored, unfocused and ill prepared.

Keep Calm and Carry On people one debate will not win this race for Romney and one debate will not lose this race for Obama and one debate will not lose this race for the future of this country.


  1. Excellent post - imagine how PResident Romney would solve critical international relations with the model of behavior he bestowed on the debate? Keep Calm, my ass. I'd be living in fear and shame.

    President Obama will pull through - too many sensible people to see the other option. Just wish there were more options.....

    1. Thanks Silagh
      We just need to keep positive and we need to keep our friends and family who may be wavering positive.

      Remind them that elections matter and to try to imagine the courts, women's health care choices, education funding, arts and humanities support, the issues of war and peace, how our cities are supported and how we take care of the weakest in our society under a Romney/Ryan administration and GOP controlled House and or Senate.

      Jesse Jackson said "Keep hope alive" And for another month we have to talking the language of hope and doing what we can in our own way to ensure this President Our President is re-elected