Friday, October 19, 2012

What They Are Saying About The President

Below is a not complete list of poster, pin or tee shirt sayings seen at Tea Party events.

Obama’s Plan White Slavery

The American Taxpayers are the Jews for Obama’s ovens

Our tax $$ are given to Hamas to kill Christians, Jews and Americans

Obama what you talkin bout Willis! Spend my money

No Taxes / Obama loves taxes bankrupt USA / Loves baby Killing

A picture of The President stabbing Uncle Sam with word CHANGE below it

Barack Obama supports Abortion, Sodomy and Socialism and The New World Order (so did Bill Clinton and George W Bush)

A picture of Obama bent over sticking his tongue out and a Saudi Prince holding his hand out with money in it  “He was not bowing he was sucking the Saudi JEWELS

Hey Hussein Quit “Dixie Chickin” our nation Go back to Kenya

Obama’s Plan White Slavery

Cap Congress and Trade Obama back to Kenya

Iman Obama wants to ban pork

Obama – Half Breed Muslim

Go Back to Kenya

Obama Nomics – Monkey see monkey spend

Put the White back in the White House (tee shirt seen at recent Romney rally)
A photo of Obama kneeling before Sarah Palin shining her shoes

If Obama wins will it still be the White House (this one is from 4 years ago)

I know that everyone who opposes this President is not a racist.

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