Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Ed Markey Finally Makes It To The Senate

Veteran Massachusetts Congressman Ed Markey has been a member of the House of Representatives for almost 40 years (that is 20 terms)  for many of those years has been the Senator heir apparent.

Many thought he should have been the Democrat to succeed Ted Kennedy but the powers wanted the popular Attorney General Martha Coakley, who turned out to be a terrible candidate and campaigned as if she deserved to win the seat, she didn't. The result was this nation had to suffer through a few years of Scott Brown, the male Sarah Palin. His politics may be a tad more centrist than Palin's but he proved himself as deep a thinker as she.

Congressman Markey was on the short list to challenge Senator Brown in the 2012 but along came that force of nature Elizabeth Warren and Mr. Markey, the ever loyal Democrat stepped aside and fully supported Ms. Warren's election.

And then, Senator John Kerry was finally awarded is alternate dream job, Secretary of State.  So, in less than 5 years another Senate seat becomes available. It was finally Congressman Markey's time.

Congressman Markey has earned this seat because of his dedication to public service, he excellent constituent service and representation, his proven record as a strong candidate and his devotion and loyalty to his party, his commonwealth and his nation.

I look forward to Senator Markey's leadership and legislative skills moving from the House to the Senate.  This nation will be better off with Ed Markey  in The United States Senate.


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