Thursday, June 6, 2013

Hecklers: Racist, Hubris or Disappointed

Is it just me or does it seem this President gets heckled more than his predecessors? 

First it was the Congressman during an address to a joint session of Congress and the nation, then it was a "reporter" in the Rose Garden though he was from The Daily Caller so I'm not sure reporter is an accurate term and now it's anyone who thinks he or she has all the answers.  This trend has now been foisted on the First Lady and as she has clearly shown she has no patience for attacks from the unrelenting self righteous.

Why this President more than others?   

The worst case scenario:  
As far as I can tell most if not all the hecklers have been white.  Do they think they have the right to be disrespectful to this President of the United States because he is black?  Many people are quick to blame race for the President's woes but I am not one of them but I have to wonder if it is not the case here. The election of Barack Obama did not prove we have put our racist history behind us it proved that a black man could get elected President.

The not as worse case scenario:
The hecklers are so convinced in the power of their ideas they think that if they confront The President of the United States in a public forum that he will stop, look at the podium thoughtfully for a second or two, look up, bite his lip (like Bill Clinton) and say "Holy Shit you're right - Damn girl you are smart - Why didn't I think of that?"  "I am going do exactly what you want me to do - Thank you for enlightening us with your stunning wisdom!" 

The not worst case scenario:
It seems that most of the hecklers are from the left and should be allies of the President.  Perhaps these folks were "the true believers" who actually thought that Barack Obama was going sweep into the White House and transform politics, transform the world and make things all better.  They of course were either really naive, blinded by his rhetoric or just so far out there that they did not remember that the House was still controlled by the Republicans and the Senate has undemocratic rules that allows the the minority to stop this nation in it's tracks.  Or, they are just plain stupid and have no real understanding how this great republic works.  Barack Obama is the President only one third of three branches of government not a dictator who can with the wave of his hand change the laws or make new ones.

Go back and look at interviews with the hecklers and decide for yourself which is the best worst case scenario. 

I actually think it is all three.

All this heckling is a very disturbing trend and another example of people lack of respect for each other and growing disdain for our countries institutions. If things get worse I fear that our politicians are going to spend less and less time with the people and more time with the lobbyists and special interest folks who are willing treat them with respect and pay their campaign and sometimes other bills.

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