Saturday, June 15, 2013

War; A Love Story - Starring John McCain and the Chicken Hawks

There is a theory that old men of power start wars to keep the younger men from usurping their power.

Here's is how it works;

The king and his advisers rose to power by proving themselves on the fields of battle.  They won the battles, the skirmishes and ultimately the war.  And, to the victor goes the spoils.  Through their hard work and battle scars these men have all the power, all the glory and all the women.  Their wives enjoy the status and their young mistresses enjoy the perks of mature benefactors.  Their sons are pampered and protected until they become a threat and then they are sent off to war.

But, what if the son not only survives but thrives after his war, what if he is a hero?

Now, what is a king to do?

Or in our case what is a Senator to do?

Why does John McCain love war so much?

His experience as a fighter, as a POW and as Veteran should have made him cautious of war.  His access to top secret government briefings should make him suspicious of the men, especially the chicken hawks who look for every opportunity to send this nation to war. He knows first hand the horrors of war, he knows the pain, the suffering and shear awfulness of war.  John McCain of all people should be wary of war.

But, he is not.  John McCain looks for every opportunity to send this nation to war.  He has never met a potential war he did not support.  If it were up to John McCain we would be fighting wars on every continent on this planet except for Australia.

Why does John McCain love war so much? I really do not understand.

And, then there are the Chicken Hawks - The men who have have never and will never truly know the horror of war but never flinch at sending the young off to die in one.


  • Drug addled radio hosts
  • Dim witted but handsome TV hosts 
  • Flash in the pan politicians who quit and fail but for some reason continue to influence 
  • Successful politicians who were called to serve their nation 5 times but had other priorities at the time and chose to let other young men die and clearly feel no remorse for those deaths 
  • Prissy Southern elites who pretend to join the military as lawyers in the reserves because they know they will never see real action
The President is right to be cautious about devoting our lives and resources to another difficult war.  The people of this nation are tired of wars in countries that have no obvious impact on our daily lives or pose no threat to our safety and security.

I find it hard to believe that Senator McCain and his cohorts are really interested in war for humanitarian reasons.

Why do these people love war so much and why are so many of us so willing to follow them into it, especially when their judgement has been so wrong so often. 

I am really baffled by this and I admit I have not real answers only questions.

There is an old saying "War is old men talking and young men dying" these guys and women love to talk up and about war but they are not the ones dying, your sons, brothers, husbands, sisters and daughters are. 

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