Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Well Done You! Congressman Charles Dent

My Congressman Charlie Dent, who is often a huge disappointment to me, voted Nay on the "Pain-capable Unborn Child Protection Act" he was one of only 6 Republicans to do so.

The Republicans who have done nothing about jobs, nothing about the economy, ginned up fake scandals and every now and then accuse The President of United States of all kinds of awful things have decided that they would pass a bill through the House of Representatives that has not chance of being enacted into law. 

But, they are doing the people's business.  It just happens that it does not actually help the female people of this country.

They run for public office because they don't believe in governing.  Explain that one to your grandchildren.

They think women who are raped can't get pregnant.  Explain that on to your daughters.

They think there are various degrees of rape, some are legitimate and some are not and only some are bad.  Explain that to your nieces. 

They think abortion is wrong because male fetuses are masturbating and should not be disturbed. Explain that to me.

This GOP written bill will outlaw abortions at 20 weeks.  It violates the Roe vs Wade but why should the  Republican members of the United States Congress concern themselves with following the law.  

The original male manager of the bill said some typically stupid things last week so the leadership turned the bill over to a Congresswoman to manage.

The bill passed today by a vote of 228 - 196 with 10 members not voting. 

I may disagree with my Congressman on most issues of public policy but he has not joined the Republican War on  Women and for that he deserves a...

Well done you! Congressman Dent. 

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