Friday, June 28, 2013

PA State Rep. Brian Sims Denied His Rights By Republicans

What the hell?

This is appalling...a democratically elected State Representative from Philadelphia Pennsylvania, the state where I live was censured by his colleagues because he was about to speak out "against G-d's law".

There is time set aside every day when members of the PA State House of Representatives are allowed to speak on any issue they want.  Except if you are an openly gay Democratic member, then your freedom of speech is halted by the Republican majority.

This outrage further proves that the Republican party does not believe in democracy, is not patriotic and does not love this country.


  1. Don,
    While I agree that Representative Metcalf is a total whack job and wrong on every issue, your post here is not accurate. House rules allow for any member to be recognized by the speaker under unanimous consent. Any member can object and once that happens, the speaker is required to end the discussion. While objections are not the norm, they do occur. Sims was not censured, he simply lost his ability to continue his comments. Sims is however seeking to introduce a resolution censuring Metcalf for making very inappropriate comments about the issue to a radio station.

    1. First - Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment!
      Thanks for the clarification.

      It still pretty shameful that this happened and sets a dangerous precedent in this era of hyper partisanship and lack of decorum and incivility - it is not such a stretch that all such speeches could be challenged and democracy dies a little more.