Monday, January 20, 2014

Chris Christie: Drip Drip Drip

The bridge story begins to break out into the open

The NY Times offers a damning accounting of Christie as bully

MSNBC host Steve Kornacki breaks the story about Sandy Money being used as a weapon

The Lt. Governor in a very strange statement denies threatening the Mayor of Hoboken

Olympic icon Carl Lewis says that Christie threatened him.

Christie lashes out at MSNBC & his buddy Joe Scarborough hits back

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie's problems is not show any signs of letting up in fact the story seems to be getting murkier and picking up steam.

Very soon the question "Will Christie be able to put this behind him in time to run for President in 2016?" may become "Will Christie leave office on his own terms or will he be impeached?"

I can often find empathy for politicians in trouble but not this time.  He brought this on himself and he deserves what ever happens.

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