Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Eminem, Rihanna and Me

I am not sure who figured out that Rihanna and Eminem  are hit music gold?

I am glad he or she did.

The divine Rihanna is in great form here and she summarizes his struggles very nicely with her vocal hook.

Eminem has always been different than other rappers.... it is not all about his dick.

Granted, sometimes it is about killing his ex wife.

I am not condoning that nor his use of faggot so please do not go there with me.

This single is about his emotional struggles and about him sometimes questioning his sanity.

And, you can dance to it.


I have reached a "pax monstera" with the monsters under my bed and I have embraced the voices in my head.....I just wish they would not try to speak all at once.


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