Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Coming Out - Still not easy

In this youtube video a young man comes out to his mother and he was very awkward and very nervous , in fact his mother did most of the talking.

When a friend of my father was struggling with his own son's coming out my dad said to him "Either you love your son or you don't - I know you do and you know you do - so get over it - bottom line still your son - nothing has changed"

I have blogged that story and my own coming out story awhile ago and I am certainly not going to bore you with that old chestnut. Not every coming out is as easy as mine was almost 35 years ago and I have allowed myself to believe that because times have changed coming out has gotten easier.

This video proves me wrong.  It is still not an easy conversation to have with your parents.  Young people are still afraid of rejection, still afraid of losing his/her parents love and still worried that what they feel so deeply in their souls that something may not be right or normal about them.  This young man's mom was nearly perfect and he is indeed a very lucky guy.

If you know of any young people, or older people who are struggling with coming out to themselves and then their family and if they come to you just listen to them and if you are supportive show it, tell them you are their friend, let them know they can come to you at any time.  Offer them a safe place in case things do not go well.

And, if you can't be supportive, for whatever reason please reach down and find some humanity and cause them no harm or bring anymore grief or pain to them.

Below are three places where people can go for help and advice.

It gets better

The Trevor Project

United Church of Christ - LGBT


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