Thursday, January 9, 2014

Why do Republicans Hate Sex So Much?

For Virginia Republicans.

It's not about jobs.
It's not about education.
It's not about about infrastructure.
It's not about farmers.
It not about public safety.

You may remember last year when the Attorney General and GOP nominee for Virginia Governor tried to ban oral sex between adults in the Virginia.  It was laughed out of court.

Republican State Senator Thomas Garrett of Virginia is trying to ban various sexual acts up to and including well.......just about everything.

I wonder how this will impact economic development?

Why do these Tea Bagger Republicans claim they want smaller government and they want less government regulation except when it comes to sex.

Why do Republicans hate sex so much?  


  1. Sucking dick between a man and a woman or sucking dick between husbands?

    1. OK - Would you like to actually make a point or is just typing sucking dick enough to make your day? Did you bother to read the link?

    2. Your bias against R's is unwavering you need look no farther than Aaron Schock to see someone in our party who loves sex and his body. Please stop these left worshiping smear pieces they diminish your credibility.

    3. I stand by my bias against R's stands as long as they do this stuff

      The comment about Congressman Schock is really creepy I know you are just trying to be clever/dirty but it is tasteless and not funny

      And really do you think I care about someone with a made up name thinks about my credibility ( I may have been born at night but I was not born last night)