Thursday, January 16, 2014

Nothing Compares To Slavery

Just a quick note about people comparing modern events and issues to slavery.

Some examples;

Abortion can be compared to Slavery by more than one person

Sarah Palin Compares the debt to slavery

Sarah Palin believes Obama is returning the nation to slavery days

The Affordable Care Act is compared to Slavery

George Will compares the passage of The Affordable Care Act to The Runaway Slave Act

The Affordable Care Act is compared to The Fugitive Slave Law

Merriam Websters defines slavery as The Condition of one person being owned by another.

Does The Affordable Care Act meet this criteria?  No
Does the national debt meet this criteria? No
Does abortion meet this criteria? No

This just shows how little these great minds understand something as horrible as slavery.  It shows their lack of understanding on the impact slavery has had on this country.  And, it weakens their argument. But then maybe their argument is so weak that out of desperation they try to invoke the horror that is slavery in order to dramatize their point.

There is nothing like slavery
Only slavery is like slavery 



  1. Actually that is the encyclopedic entry for slavery as an institution, the definitions in the dictionary look like this

    : drudgery, toil
    : submission to a dominating influence
    a : the state of a person who is a chattel of another
    b : the practice of slaveholding

    You are right about abortion .As far as using it as a metaphor for some of the rest , meh .If anything ,many of us are now slaves to the media , or if it makes you feel better, we all are submitting to it's dominating influence

  2. I took it from a dictionary but what ever!
    Slavery is slavery - none of these issues can be compared to it. I am a slave to nothing I have a choice as to what I choose to follow and not follow via the media.