Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Some Predictions

Predictions for 2014

*The GOP will maintain control of the US House though their numbers will be smaller.
*My Congressman Charlie Dent will win re-election if he has an opponent.
      He made quite an name for himself during the Republican led government shut down.  You may           remember he was one of the few Republicans to speak out against it. Of course, he supported every vote that led to it but once it actually occurred he opposed it.  I had hoped that he would take that fame and become a leader but it appears he has settled once again into back bench status.  But, he is such a nice guy.

*The Democrats will maintain control of the US Senate at about the same level they have now.
*Kentucky senior Senator and Senate GOP Leader Mitch McConnell will lose.
       He will survive the right wing attack during the primary but he will be bruised and bloodied.  His Democratic opponent has run and won state wide, she is from a respected political family and she is raising big bucks.  He is going to throw everything at her but he is trailing in the polls and for someone with his power trailing in polls even early polls is not a good sign (for him).

*People will bitch and moan about Artsquest, Musikfest and Jeff Parks.

*Sarah Palin will continue to make pronouncements that have no substance and show no clear understanding of the issues.

*Oprah Winfrey will try to keep in the headlines by pretending to be a victim of some perceived slight.

*Northampton County will implode under the pressure of Tea Bagger madness.  The County Council will get bogged down in such important issues as Sharia Law, Alien Invasions from Planet Claire, Border Security and getting the United States out from under the burdens of UN Regulations.

*The Governors of Florida, Maine and Pennsylvania will lose their re-election bids. Even the ever loyal Republicans can only put up with so much embarrassing incompetence.

*Donald Trump will continue to make a fool of himself on Twitter.

*A prominent and popular professional male athlete will come out as gay thus opening up the floodgates with more famous people announcing their true selves to the public.  The love that once dared not speak it's name will become the love that will not shut up.  And, that is a good thing.

*The sounds of Cher singing "If I could turn back time" will be heard almost daily in Bethlehem City Hall. Thus requiring City council to step up and become the incubator of new ideas, economic development and sensible growth.

*A convention of the Snob Voter Party will be held at the Bethlehem Brew Works, it's Elite Central Committee will caucus at Tapas on Main and it's homo influenced think tank will salon at The Hotel Bethlehem Tap Room.



  1. Your disdain for the 9-12 project has no basis in reality, please attend one of our meetings at the Charles Chrin community center and take the pulse of our growing movement it will be an eye opener for you Donald. There will be no tin foil hats or back room deal making, just grass roots activism from everyday Americans who have a vested interest in fixing our broken system.
    We have several members who lead alternative lifestyles and are always looking to add more.
    My predictions; Broncos to win Superbowl
    Bernie O'Hare will gain 80 lbs
    Hayden Phillips will oust Peg Ferraro as council President
    China will annex the Spratley Islands
    Tony Danza will win Dancing With The Stars Season 18

    Any predictions on the direction of the Jim Gregory saga?

    1. Earl Grey clever name.... are you so ashamed of your views that you must hide behind a tea..Why don't you tell us all who you are? If your views are so just and right why must you hide? If what you say is the truth and if the truth will set you free then why are you such a coward?

      My disdain for the 9-12 is based in my love for my country and that you and your kind are hell bent on ruining this great republic.

      Fuck you and your "Alternative Lifestyle' a statement like that clearly shows how stupid you really are. I am done with your petty little insults and comments. You know what is alternative? The reality you people live in. The real world is passing you by. And, you can't handle the changes for the better the culture is going through. If I went to one of your silly little meetings it would only confirm what I think about you pathetic intellectual light weights who fear modernity.

      Alternative lifestyle my ass you are bigoted, small minded loser.

    2. Let me respond to your predictions
      You may be right about the Broncos
      Bernie O'Hare - hope he does not gain 80 lbs that would be too unhealthy & he has a lot of government meetings too attend
      Phillips ousting Peg - will prove what?
      What will County Council do about China annexing islands so small and desolate that they have no value other than pride
      I have never watched Dancing With The Stars but Tony Danza is talented

  2. "The" Donald, apologies for offending you by using "alternative lifestyle" as a description upon further research realize it implies a certain amount of choice something that medically has been widely debated.

    The 9-12 project is very inclusive and would love the press good or bad should you decide to attend, we would welcome you with open arms and it may help to foster a dialogue between what are widely perceived as two opposite ends of the political spectrum. The bitter discord between these camps has made consensus less attainable and injects emotion into what should a more logical and measured process.

    To address your accusation that my name is pseudonym, not true. Maybe if I signed the post "Orange Pekoe" it would be grounds for suspicion but believe it or not Earl Grey is my birth name and I'm damn proud of it.

    1. What does "The" Donald mean? That is a term used by Donald Trump - I don't want to be sued by him....

      The use of "Alternative Lifestyle" Says a great deal about who you are and what you think about people who are not heterosexual - it does not show open mindedness nor inclusion and it compares a persons life in this case mine to someone who drives a Range Rover as a opposed to a Saab. As far as your research - keep reading you have a lot to learn. And please in the future save your pathetic judgement about my life - I don't care....A life is not a lifestyle

      As far as the 9-12 project -
      I don't think the Affordable Care Act goes far enough,
      I am pro 2nd amendment but I think the NRA has gone way too far so I am for some limits to gun ownership.
      I think a college education or a trade school education is a right and at a certain level should be free or as cheap as possible. I am pro affirmative action,
      I think the government does not go far enough in helping to bring people out of poverty,
      I think the government needs to spend more money on building infrastructure.
      I am pro choice on Abortion.
      I think head start should be expanded to include all children.
      I do not favor a school led prayer in the classroom,
      I oppose playing the national anthem before sporting events -
      I think there needs to be a national standard for education so a child in Alabama in third grade is learning the same thing as a child in Pennsylvania.
      I oppose attempts to limit access to voting - voting rights should be expanded not shrunk -
      I favor the US playing a larger role in the UN
      I favor a path to citizenship of illegal immigrants
      I Think we need to spend more money on foreign aid
      I think the governments should fund NPR and PBS at the level Britain funds the BBC
      I think the government needs to spend more money on arts and culture
      Public swimming pools should be free
      Drugs should be legal and thus taxed
      Prostitution should be legal, monitored and taxed
      Government aid to the oil companies should be ended and I think rich people should be taxed at a higher rate
      I think churches should be either taxed or be required to pay fees for the services the cities provide to them
      The boycott and embargo on Cuba should be lifted at once
      Of course I support marriage equality
      I could go on but I think you get the point - I am a Liberal, a progressive.. I am pro a bigger role in government in improving the lives of it's citizens

      It is a good thing that you have embraced the name your parents gave you.

  3. Also the Spratley islands are located in a very valuable shipping and naval control zone that also are believed to contain large reserves of natural gas, it has nothing to do with county council but this is "View Beyond Bethlehem" no?

    1. My point was that there are those on County Council who campaigned on issues that have nothing to do with county government - the islands are important and could spark a FP crisis